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Cashmere Slippers- The Height of Luxury

Cashmere is an extremely desirable and exclusive material, often used in high-end clothing. It is notoriously difficult to obtain but well worth the effort for its fantastic properties. It has a combination of unique elements that have earned cashmere its reputation as a luxury material.

Soft - Cashmere is known for its softness, creating a luxury feel The Cashmere fibres are 3 times finer than a human hair making them feel so soft. Insulating- Cashmere is 8 times more insulating than sheep's wool due to the high loft properties. There is a larger volume of air within each fibre, creating better heat retaining properties. Lightweight- Cashmere is the lightest wool used for slippers.

Check our cashmere slipper is available in 3 colours- berry red, anthracite and jeans. Here!


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