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Conquer Everest from the comfort of your home!

Not the infamous mountain range but the wonderful Haflinger slipper. Obtaining these slippers is a much less daunting task- just a few clicks away rather than a gruelling 8000 metre climb. The Everest is a versatile slipper that is just at home relaxing with a book on the sofa but can also be used to pop outside to put out the bins or collect the milk. FREE UK Delivery in November

Haflinger Everest Slippers

Everest comes in many flavours

  • Classic- Knitted wool

  • Fundus and Noblesse - Felted wool

  • Charlie - With a back

  • Future- With a back and a velcro fastening

They all come with a removable insole made from cork, latex and wool which sets them apart from everyday slippers. They are a pretty special slipper.

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