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It seemed like it would never arrive but the signs are that summer is finally here. Summer time means sandal time. Hooray! We would like to introduce you to the new Haflinger Summer range of footbed sandals.


Looking great and good for your feet. All the Haflinger sandals have a contoured footbed that helps keep the foot comfortable and supported. The arch support keeps your foot in the optimum position if you are on your feet for a long time. Andrea is a classic with two supportive straps and Conny is the a good choice if you are a fan of the toe-post. And we have a special treat for men- Andrew. Sizing is similar to the winter Haflinger clogs. Many are available in the excellent Bio leather which is good for your feet and the environment. Haflinger uses the best natural materials. £5 OFFER Use code: HAFSAN for £5 OFF Haflinger Sandals This offer expires on Wednesday 31st May. We currently have Free First Class postage at the moment too so we can jet the order over to you as soon as possible.

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